Enhanced keyboard redirection
for Citrix, Microsoft and VMware
powered remote sessions


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Let your users work instinctively

Why should your users care whether a machine is a thin client or a fat PC? Why should they need to memorise unusual keypresses that don't work anywhere else? Why do they have to press Ctrl + F1 when using Citrix and Ctrl + Alt + End when using RDP?

CAD Redirect ensures every single keyboard shortcut is passed uninterrupted to a user's remote session, including the Secure Attention Sequence keys such as Control + Alt + Delete and Windows Key + L (Lock Computer) with absolutely no modifications to your remote desktop environment or back end infrastructure


Taking just minutes to install and with pre-configured settings for most environments you'll wonder how it can possibly be so easy


No need for an end-user manual - CAD Redirect allows everyone to work naturally just as they would on a local PC


Switch between different remote sessions and your local desktop, while letting CAD Redirect take care of the rest

What our users say

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The inability to use Ctrl + Alt + Delete or quickly lock the computer by pressing Win Key + L was a very real drawback when we chose to deploy Windows based Thin Clients for their Microsoft Lync functionality. We were about to migrate hundreds of users to Thin Clients for the first time and both they and our current Linux based Thin Client users had become very much accustomed to these shortcuts - this meant that the move was going to require organisational wide training in order to offer workarounds for what should be basic Windows functions.

CAD Redirect changed that completely - we were able to switch with no loss of functionality and without difficult explanations as to why things no longer worked as the users would expect. Later in the project it transpired that the Citrix default shortcut (Ctrl + F1) conflicted with a legacy piece of software but, because we'd already deployed CAD Redirect, the resolution was to simply disable the Citrix shortcut with no impact to anybody.

Tony Wright
Infrastructure Architect at TSCE Consultancy Ltd

Simplicity has always been a key word at Kiiro and our belief that users should find their IT simple is at the very core of what we do. We were determined for our first big VDI project to be no different and CAD Redirect definitely helped us achieve that goal.

Like most of us, users are naturally averse to big changes so taking their PC away is a big step. I'm very glad to say that, with only minimal prompting, they were able to pick up with their new Thin Clients and carry on where they left off.

I can't imagine having to explain to everybody that Ctrl Alt Delete doesn't work anymore, so CAD Redirect will definitely be part of our next project!

Chris Tonks
Managing Director of Kiiro Ltd

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Frequently Asked Questions

CAD Redirect seamlessly intercepts Windows key-presses and shortcuts and ensures that all are passed uninterrupted to a remote session.


Historically, Windows Thin Clients were not able to intercept Secure Attention Sequence key presses such as Ctrl+Alt+Delete and WinKey+L.

CAD Redirect ensures that the user can use these shortcut combinations (and all others) just as they would locally. The end result is a consistent, natural experience for the users across your entire estate.


CAD Redirect is shipped as an MSI installer and can be safely rolled into your base image or installed with your preferred deployment technology.


CAD Redirect is supported on all versions of Windows from XP onwards and is designed to work with Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP / RDS), Citrix (ICA) and VMware PCoIP technology.

It supports multiple remote instances (even if they're different types!) and can be configured to allow the user to smoothly transition back to their local desktop.

For technical details, please explore our documentation

Give your users
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